Bristol's Community Involvement statement 'unsound'

KCG was among several groups which tried unsuccessfully to influence the Council’s policy on involving communities in planning decisions. We made a presentation to a Council meeting and then joined with the Civic Society in a meeting with councillors and officers. No significant changes were made, and in the end the Civic Society felt there was no alternative but to call for an official examination by an indpendent Planning Inspector. The Civic Society then presented a very effective and well-argued submission to the Inspector.

The inspector’s report, sent to the Council in early August, has only just been made available on the Council website. It conculdes the the Council’s statement is ‘unsound’ and so must be withdrawn. The inspector made many criticisms, but also says he feels the Council does actually want to involve people more, so needs to rewrite the statement much more clearly and specifically.

You can read the inspector’s report and some background papers on the Council website here


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