Committee meeting 2nd June 2009 – notes

Westmoreland House The Planning Committee has dismissed the owner’s recent application for planning permission.  KCG objected to the application because more than 160 small homes overdeveloped the site.  We wanted to see the height of the tower reduced and there were aspects of the design that were not good enough.  There is more bad news.  The City’s plans to compulsorily purchase the site have fallen through.  The recession has caused the preferred developer to lose interest.  The site will continue to remain derelict as it has for the last 30 years!

Residents’ Parking Zone Kingsdown residents met Highways Department’s representatives about the RPS’s progress.  The public’s poor response to the most recent consultation has disappointed the City.  Although there are statutory signage requirements, Highways are sensitive to the need to consider the scheme’s visual impact.  The next stage involves Highways producing a street plan of their proposals to talk to us about.

Lamp-posts – KCG has paid for a new box lantern on Spring Hill,and we are trying to get the City to change its mind and install a conservation design at the bottom of Alfred Hill.

Satellite dishes – KCG objects to Planning Enforcement whenever a dish is mounted on the front of a listed building.  They can usually be sited on the roof.  The City’s own Housing Department is the most recent offender.

Marlborough Hill – KCG have said that the pavement build out to reinforce the one way system is not good enough.  However, we have now decided that there is no more that we can do for the time being.

UHB – When the work to create the hammerhead at the bottom of Alfred Hill is complete the Hospital will reopen the car park off Marlborough Hill and the woodland walk way.  The bottom of Bedford Place steps has been installed.  KCG has made clear to UHB that it expects Bedford Place to be restored in due course.  It will object if the Hospital applies to stop Bedford Place permanently.

Montague Green – KCG wants to see the concrete litter bins replaced by a better design.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday the 7th July 2009.  If you wish to meet the committee or bring any matters to their attention please contact the se*******@di*******.net.


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