Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Review

This is important because it becomes part of local planning policy, so could affect all sorts of development proposals that might come along in the future.

Hannah Smith, a new City Council Conservation Officer, has written to say that the work done by the Conservation Group will make ‘an excellent starting-point’, and that the Council hopes to hold a joint Public Meeting for Kingsdown and Portland Square ‘ideally during the second week in September’ followed by some drafting work and a further public meeting in October, followed by adoption of the relevant documents in mid-December.

This seems a highly ambitious timetable (particularly to those who remember the various parking scheme proposals from the early 1980s onwards, still ‘under consideration’) but we remain optimistic and look forward to working with the Council to try to get an agreed version of the character of the area and how to preserve and enhance it.

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