Grown at Home – 73 KP, Tues 6th May 730-830

Helen Phillips writes:

Just a reminder that there is another Grown at Home gathering , again here at No73 KP (our kitchen is still empty and good for demonstrations) on Tuesday 6th May 7.30 – 8.30.

I’ve been sowing some seeds at long last and have some spare and I thought others might too. If you would like to bring any spare seeds or tiny seedlings along to swop or give away, it might make pricking out easier and less painful ( I always hate throwing away any tiny seedlings because I have no more window cill space left ) and maybe then I won’t keep seeds past their sell by / sow by date.

We could also discuss web sites which give sensible and useful advice and look at various seed catalogues for ideas, now we might know what we want to grow.

Afterwards there is a Kingsdown Homegrown meeting to gather new ideas or suggestions or just to comment on this year’s forth coming event  – to which everyone is invited.


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