KCG Committee Meeting 9th September 2008 – notes

This time we’ve listed the pending planning applications to give members more detail about the things we discuss and act on. For further details, please contact one of the committtee members (listed on the website).
Planning Applications. We reviewed progress on the following applications:

4-10 Stokes Croft – Blue Lagoon – application to build shared student accommodation on five floors – refused – applicant has appealed.  KCG objected to the loss of employment space and to the design of the proposed new building.
King Charles – King Square Avenue – application to demolish (part) and rebuild as café and flats – still pending.  KCG objected to the demolition of the pub, which the Stokes Croft Conservation Area Appraisal called a building of merit.
77/79 Stokes Croft – DHS Heating – change of use of upper floors to residential use approved – design details changed before approval.  Most of KCG’s objections met.
22 Fremantle Square – application to destroy the Ninetree Hill boundary wall to create parking in garden – refused on conservation grounds.  Application to build single house in Dove Street refused on design grounds (in line with KCG’s objections).
76 Kingsdown Parade –application now approved after assistance from the conservation officer.
Somerset House Alfred Hill – still pending.

University – phase 1 – a different architect has had a meeting with the planning officer, and the proposals sound more promising.  The Maths building will be lower and the St. Michael’s Hill façade of the Bio building is broken into smaller units, which are more domestic in scale.

Westmoreland House Stokes Croft
.     There is no good news.  The City must assist the owners, Comer Homes, who have submitted a planning application, to produce an acceptable development.  A compulsory purchase cannot proceed until (i) Comer Homes can be shown to have no intention to produce an acceptable planning application, and (ii)  the City has an agreement with a preferred developer (in this case, Crosby Homes).  The development agreement is to ensure the repayment of public funds.  It is probable that neither Comer Homes nor Crosby Homes would build out the development without a change in the housing market.

We also disccussed:
UBHT plans for a helicopter pad; the Council’s new “Approach to Planning Enforcement”; illegal (and legal) destruction of walls to create parking spaces; Residents’ Parking (the Council should soon be making a decision in principle, in October.  If the RPS proceeds the Council will then hold local consultations.  St Michael’s Conservation Area; the high costs of proposed lamppost replacements, a tree to replace the felled one in the Clevedon Terrace triangular garden, bright lights in the new Cabot Circus development.
Next Meeting of the committee – is on Tuesday the 14th October.  Please email the secretary at se*******@di*******.net about any matter of concern on the subject of Kingsdown.


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