KCG half-year's report

Sometimes its worth thinking about how we enjoy living in one of Bristol’s nicest residential areas. Many of our positive residential features don’t happen by chance. There is continuous development pressure. The University will build a very large Life Sciences building on St. Michael’s Hill where there is the red security fence. UHB will build a new ward block on Terrell Street. Developers want to convert the former King’s Arms on Paul Street into an unsupervised hall of residence for 45 students. The Committee, contribute to pre-application discussions and write reasoned responses to planning applications. However, KCG can only act as a single body and the response of individual residents is as important. Please take the time to look at planning applications on line and send your comments to the planners. The Committee will always help residents to word their response. Contact the se*******@di*******.net.

The Council is changing the way that it runs the City. The Committee has contributed to the consultation on theCouncil’s new “development framework” and to the St. James’s Parade Conservation Area Character Appraisal. If you are interested in finding out about new planning policies, the Conservation Area Appraisals and the Area Green Space Strategy, look at the Council’s website. Committee members attend the Police, Neighbourhood Forum and the Neighbourhood Partnership to which the Council has delegated some of its powers. KCG supports the spring Bee Day, Homegrown at the end of the summer and other events, such as street parties. Ask to use KCG’s four noticeboards to publicise your residents’ event.

The theme of this notice is that KCG needs as much involvement as possible from residents. We think that KCG gives Kingsdown residents good value for the £5 per year subscription. We run the KCG website and distribute to anyone who gives the secretary their email address the monthly committee business, update.

The Committee looks for more active support. Some of the committee ,who have worked for years, will not go on for ever. With more support, we could extend our activities. If you would like to see how the Committee works, come to a meeting as an observer. Contact the secretary.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday the 5th October 2010. If you wish to meet the committee or bring any matters to their attention, please contact the se*******@di*******.net.


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