Tree-felling on the BRI site, 1st March 2007

Tree-felling on the BRI site, 1st March 2007

A local resident talking to the contractor, but too late. Two trees, which the hospital authorities promised would NOT be taken down, have just been felled ‘for safety reasons’. Main contractors Laing O’Rourke told us: “Regarding the felling of the trees off Marlborough Hill, this course of action was necessitated because the pines in question became dangerously unstable during the high winds of Wednesday 28th February. We sought the opinion of our consultant tree surgeon and he advised that there was no alternative other than to revert to the course of action taken. You can be assured that we will endeavour to protect and retain the trees that remain, providing they remain stable and do not cause a risk to the Health and Safety of the general public, UBHT Property or our site personnel.”


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